Integration Levels

With Synodex as your partner, you’re embarking upon a digital data journey. We offer four levels of progressively greater levels of data integration, each offering progressively greater operational and business returns. You chose what’s best for you.

Integration Level 1 – the Basic APS.Extract™ Report

For each APS we receive, we deliver back to you an APS.Extract™ report. An APS.Extract™ report is a substitute for a traditional summary, but it’s actually much more and much better. Because APS.Extract™ reports are transforms of the digital data extracted from the APS, they are consistent, thorough, and reliable. No more subjectivity. No more missing data. What’s more, APS.Extract™ reports can be tuned to your precise requirements. They can be used by your underwriters in lieu of (or together with) the underlying APSs.

Integration Level 2 – Introducing Basic Rules

The digital data extracted from the APS can be processed using rule-based systems (no worries – we build the rules for you, no extra charge). For example, we can create rules to auto-categorize APS information based on your institution’s view of particular impairments and co-morbidities. We can even create rules to identify the least – or most – impaired among the APSs and identify definitive declines and postpones among your files. Rules are auto-configured based on your criteria and your underwriting manual. Imagine that – a report that not only reduces the noise and complexity of an APS, but also assigns meaning to the information using your unique underwriting criteria.

Integration Level 3 – Adding More Rules, Data Warehouse

For some clients, we’re building and managing complex rules bases that assign likely underwriting outcomes for the most commonly encountered impairments based on your criteria. This enables your underwriters to spend their time making decisions rather than turning pages, hunting for information and looking up data on tables.

Is Big Data on your agenda? Your actuaries are going to value the digital data they now have at their disposal for analytics and modeling.

Integration Level 4 – Full Digital Integration

The home run here is using the extracted data in combination with automated underwriting engines and other sources of evidence to process APS cases. We can integrate with leading underwriting automation engines, and we build and maintain the complex APS rules bases for you. Underwriters are reviewing and confirming outcomes, rather than constructing inputs.

What’s more, by enabling you to exchange and process APS data with your BGAs and your facultative reinsurers, we can help you significantly improve time service.

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