Synodex APS.Extract for Underwriting

With our APS.Extract™, clients are reducing underwriting expenses, speeding the process, avoiding new hiring, improving the consistency and quality of underwriting decisions, and gaining new data-driven insights into their business. We start by extracting from your incoming APSs all of the data necessary for medical underwriting decisions. We then process the extracted data using an extensive, customizable rules base. We provide the resulting data back to you in the form of a .pdf report with hyperlinks to the underlying APS.

In addition, we provide you with the extracted data in XML (as well as other industry standard codes such as ICD-10 and MIB). The result is faster cycle time; improved underwriting; and the operational and business advantages you seek. Four levels of integration offer progressively greater levels of operational and business returns – you chose the integration level that’s best for you.

Learn more about integration levels.

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